Darwin Ocellaris

Scientific Name:
Amphiprion ocellaris

Maximum Size:
4.0” (10 cm)


The Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish is a variant of the common clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris. This beautiful color morph is jet black with white stripes and is found naturally only in a confined geographic area around Darwin, North Australia. We are honoring this fact by keeping the name “Darwin ocellaris Clownfish”. There is limited import of this species from the wild, but thanks to captive breeding efforts this species is now commonly available. We have carefully selected high quality broodstock fish and selectively bred for perfect body profile and very black coloration. The Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish we produce are known for being of exceptionally good quality and turn jet black very early. Even though the Darwin ocellaris looks very different than the regular ocellaris they behavior and feeding habits are very similar.


Darwin North Australia

Temperament & Captive Care

The temperament and care for Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish are very similar to that of the regular Ocellaris clownfish. It is relatively peaceful and hardy and is a good beginner’s choice and easy to care for. They thrive in saltwater aquariums with or without an anemone present.


Most clownfish are omnivorous feeders, meaning that they will consume a variety of different food types. In nature the diet of clownfish consists of crustaceans (such as copepods and amphipods), algae, polychaete worms and leftovers from the anemone’s meal. Our captive bred fish are conditioned to eat a variety of aquarium diets including pellets, flake food, frozen Mysis shrimp, and frozen brine shrimp.

Natural host anemones

Captive bred clownfish do not need an anemone to survive in a reef tank. However, keeping clownfish with an anemone fosters a symbiotic relationship that is fascinating to observe. In their natural environment Darwin ocellaris clownfish will host in Magnificent Sea Anemone (Heteractis magnifica) or Merten's Carpet Sea Anemone (Stichodactyla mertensii).

Aquarium host anemones

Ocellaris will readily accept a wide variety of host anemones and many hobbyists keep Darwin Ocellaris Clownfish with the popular and hardy Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor).