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Sea & Reef’s New DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish

Posted on: January 10 2013 19:00

What do you get when you combine art and science? The answer is DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish from Sea & Reef Aquaculture. This gorgeous designer clownfish is a variant of Amphiprion ocellaris. The white stripes have been replaced with interesting curves and patterns - much like an artist painting broad strokes of white paint on a bright orange canvas. No two fish are exactly the same. The DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish are a cross between our Wyoming White Clownfish (A. ocellaris) and Ocellaris Clownfish (also A. ocellaris).

You might ask why we named this beautiful morph "DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish". Well the hobby already have a Picasso Clownfish (A. percula) named after the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The name DaVinci was inspired by the famous Italian renaissance painter, scientist, architect, and pioneer Leonardo da Vinci. The DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish combine the beauty of art and science.

DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish Grade Extreme

DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish Grade A
DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish Grade A

Davinci Ocellaris Clownfish Grade B
DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish Grade B

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